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LendSafe Capital Partners LP is a real estate fund whose sole purpose is to provide investors with an investment opportunity to earn attractive yields secured by a pool of real estate loans and investment properties while maintaining relative security through a conservative risk profile of the assets in which the Fund invests. Our Fund offers Limited Partnership shares to Accredited Investors interested in the potential to earn attractive yields backed by the security of residential and commercial mortgage loans and investment properties in major metropolitan areas of the United States.


Based on the offering of this Fund and state of the note yields offered in the current marketplace, we generally expect an investor’s annual yield to be in the range of 8.9%+ to 9.9%+ depending on market conditions and the amount of capital invested. This is accomplished through a structure of a Preferred Rate and percentage split of profit beyond the Preferred Rate. This is described in detail within the Private Placement Memorandum that is available to Investors that are interested in exploring this investment with our fund. Investment in our Fund is limited to Accredited Investors only.


Real estate asset pool investing involves the investment of funds by the Limited Partners into a Fund. The Fund will then invest into both mortgages and properties as further described in the Private Placement Memorandum.

Limited Partners of the Fund are generally provided with monthly distributions from the income generated by the assets owned by the Fund in accordance with their percentage of Limited Partnership Interest owned in the Fund and class of investment.

LendSafe Capital Partners LP


Lendsafe capital partners Lp, is well positioned to take advantage of the uncertainties in today’s real estate market. bank lending on real estate in the United States has become increasingly constrained by the current market environment. Balance sheet issues, capital requirements, and liquidity issues have forced banks and other institutional funding sources to reduce their exposure to real estate leaving the market desperate for private capital to fill the void left by these very restrictive bank lending policies. Many regional banks are fighting for their financial lives providing tremendous opportunities for private capital funds such as ours. We are quick and efficient in distributing capital with lending and acquisition parameters that maintain the proper equity coverage for the greatest degree of principal preservation and return on investment.


Lendsafe Capital Partners LP focuses their investment strategy on mortgage lending and property acquisition across several different asset classes of both residential and commercial real estate throughout the United States. The following is a breakdown of the property types we are most likely to consider as collateral for investment by the fund:

  • Residential Apartment Units (5+ Units)
  • 2-4 Unit Residential Rental Units
  • Single Family Residence/Condominium
  • Commercial Property
Recent Transactions
Front Of A Home

3 Unit Residential Apartments
Los Angeles, CA – 1st Trust Deed

Value: $2,620,000

Loan Amount: $1,420,000

LTV: 54%

Loan Term: 2 Year / Int Only

Investor’s Yield: 10.14%

Four Unit Apartment

4 Unit Apartments
Compton, CA – 1st Trust Deed

Value: $1,817,000

Loan Amount: $900,000

LTV: 49%

Loan Term: 1 Year / Int Only

Investor’s Yield: 10.51%

House In Venice, CA

3 Unit Residential Apartments
Venice, CA – Acquistion / Sale

Value: $1,900,000

All in Cost: $1,423,875

Net Profit: $476,125

Hold Term: 18 Months

Investor’s Yield: 22.29%

Commercial Store

2 Commercial Storefronts
Los Angeles, CA – 1st Trust Deed

Value: $1,457,000

Loan Amount: $700,000

LTV: 48%

Loan Term: 3 Year / Int Only

Investor’s Yield: 9.93%

Single Family Residence
La Cañada Flt, CA- 2nd TD HELOC

Value: $2,440,000

Loan Amount: $800,000

LTV: 58%

Loan Term: 5 Year /HELOC

Investor’s Yield: 10.47%

Burbank, CA Commercial Building

Commercial Units- Restaurant
Burbank, CA- 1st Trust Deed

Value: $2,482,000

Loan Amount: $1,100,000

LTV: 44%

Loan Term: 3 Year / Int Only

Investor’s Yield: 9.89%

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