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Brokers / Loan Agents / Referral Partners

We work with Approved Brokers / Loan Agents in providing Private Money Financing solutions for Borrowers with needs that cannot be met by conventional institutional lenders and banks. We have an open-door policy allowing our Approved Brokers / Loan Agents to run loan scenarios for prospective deals to see what is available in the marketplace.

Our goal is to provide brokers and loan agents with a valuable outlet to convert deals that they are not able to fund. This enables Brokers / Loan Agents to provide a valuable service to their Borrowers and get paid for their efforts. Our Approved Brokers / Loan Agents are protected and compensated fairly on all transactions completed.

For our Referral Partners, we provide their clients with the same resources to ensure that their real estate financing needs are being met by trusted advisors that understand the nuances of complicated transactions.

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Broker Compensation

At Century City Mortgage we have an attractive Broker Compensation Program. This is of course driven by the origination fees paid by the borrower along with loan origination model employed by the Broker in delivering the loan package. Call us anytime to discuss your scenarios at (310) 557-1212.

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At Century City Mortgage we understand that many brokers and loan originators specialize in a particular niche and are not able to fund loans outside of their specialty.

We try to provide a viable outlet for those types of transactions, while enabling the broker or loan agent to maintain their client relationships.

We value and protect our relationships with our third-party originators. Feel free to contact us anytime you are having difficulty getting the funds your client needs.

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