Which Loan Would You Like?

There are so many loan programs out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. When you work with Century City Mortgage, you won’t be forced into a loan program that isn’t a good fit. We take your needs, credit history and goals in mind when creating your financing plan.

We encourage you to take a look at our various loan programs below and get a feel for your general options. Our passionate team is here to help you find the perfect, customizable loan and would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. You can fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and someone will reach out shortly.

Loan Programs

Home Loans

  • Financing provided for property owners either refinancing an existing property or purchasing a new one
  • Loans available for single family homes up to 4 unit apartment buildings for owner occupants as well as investment purposes
  • Most competitive rates and terms in the marketplace for borrowers who have a great credit score, stable employment and income, a reasonable debt-to-income ratio, and can make a significant down payment
  • Attractive, alternative qualifying programs available for borrowers with situations that do not fit perfectly into normal financing guidelines

Private Money Loans

  • Loans available on almost all types of real estate for property owners with good credit, bad credit, and anywhere in between
  • Equity based lending
  • Foreclosure, bankruptcy, judgments, and liens do not affect the decision to lend
  • Quick access to capital for Investors / Fix n Flip Buyers
  • Loans can be made to Individual / Corp / LLC / Trust / Probate Estate / Foreign National

Reverse Mortgage Financing

  • For homeowners aged 62 years or older to help manage their retirement, cash flow, and housing needs while they can continue living in their home.
  • Eliminate monthly mortgage payments and instead draw from the equity you have in your home to receive cash from your lender.
  • The money received can be in the form of a lump sum payment, ongoing payments, or a line of credit.
  • We educate our clients on the types of reverse mortgages available and guide them to find the program that is best suited to their unique situation.

Probate Financing

  • Loans that help families when a loved one passes or becomes ill and cannot handle their own affairs.
  • Financing needed to manage and maintain the estate’s assets, funding the emergency needs of family members, paying estate taxes and other financial obligations, and/or buying out difficult family members.
  • We provide a free, in-person consultation with all family members and/or their attorneys
  • Offer an in-depth analysis of all options available, as well as financing pre-approval documents issued for court approval.
  • Can provide attorney referrals for both probate and conservatorship and real estate sales services through Century City Realtors.

Church Financing

  • Private money financing programs for churches of all sizes and denominations experiencing financial difficulty.
  • Equity-based lending means there are no personal guarantees required.
  • Prior bankruptcies, liens, judgments, or bad credit may still qualify.
  • Can be interest-only or fully amortized, and cross-collateralization of additional properties is allowed.
  • Comes with flexible terms to refinance or purchase a new facility, and bridge loans are available to help with the transition.

Concierge Services

  • Bridge loan financing to assist with remodeling, relocating, and/orpurchasing a new property
  • Contractor and designer referrals for all job types, from basic clean-up to major construction and remodeling/staging
  • Attorney referrals for all situations including probate, bankruptcy, and tenant eviction/relocation
  • Assistance with storage facilities, moving companies, and trash Removal
  • Real Estate Sales services through Century City Realtors

Our Loan Process


We’ll meet and have a discussion. A loan officer will consult with you on your credit, manage expectations, and go over in detail what your available financing options are based on your situation and needs. We’ll then help you pick your perfect match loan, including the loan program and interest rate, that is ideal for your family.


After we receive the requested documents, we’ll promptly order an appraisal, title insurance, tax transcripts, verify your employment, and gather other documents needed for closing. One of our loan processors reviews the paperwork to “pre-underwrite” your loan, then it’s submitted for underwriting. Our underwriters rapidly, but thoroughly, access your loan to have it released within hours

Conditional Approval & Loan Commitment

This is the step when you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your loan has been approved, but it comes with conditions that must be met before it can close. You’ll receive your loan commitment subject to these conditions, which your loan officer will work with you to address and resolve.

Outstanding Documents Submitted For Closing

We’ll gather your additional documents noted in the conditional approval, as well as the third-party paperwork we ordered on your behalf. We then submit it all to the underwriter for “clear to close” on your loan.

Underwriting Sign Off

The underwriter reviews your loan, affirms that all conditions have been met, and signs off on approval. Now your loan is officially ready to close!


Congratulations! You are about to close your transaction. This means that you are either about to be the owner of a new property, or you will be receiving the cash out that you need with a better monthly mortgage payment from your refinance.We’ll schedule your closing, work with escrow and title to assemble the final paperwork, and confirm the total funds needed at escrow. The last step is to pick up the keys or cash the check!