Century City Mortgage provides private money financing for churches of all sizes and denominations. We have financing available for every institution including those that fall into financial trouble. When a church experiences financial difficulty, it can be extremely challenging for them to work their way out of it. Traditional lenders will not make loans to them and many private money lenders do not accept church properties as collateral. Our investor groups have been funding church loans for our clients for almost 20 years and consider these to be very secure investments that are also of great benefit to the organizations in need as well as the surrounding communities.

Program Highlights

Here are some of the highlights and basic guidelines of our church loan programs:

No application or consultation fees charges for initial evaluation
Consultation appointments available at your convenience at your home or church/office
Equity based lending / No personal guarantees required
Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments, Bad Credit… OK!
Loans can be Interest Only or Fully Amortized
Cross Collateralization of additional properties allowable
Quick fundings / Flexible terms
Loans available to refinance or purchase a new facility / Bridge loans to help with the transition


Based on our years of experience we have learned a great deal in providing financing for religious facilities and church properties. Our first and most important job when evaluating these types of loans is to figure out what are the needs of the organization, what are their plans for the future, and most importantly how realistic are those needs and plans given their circumstances. Our mission is to provide intelligent analysis to religious organizations so that they are able to make decisions that will create long term stability for their future.

Many religious organizations have been in properties for years and their facilities have outlived their useful lives. Demographics changes and declines or increases in congregation size have left these institutions with real estate that is either harming them financially or hampering their ability to serve their members. By providing a multitude of financing options that include refinancing, purchase financing, and bridge loan financing, we are able to handle an organization’s real estate financing needs from start to finish. We can also assist with relocation services such as property sales and the acquisition of new facilities if needed. Optimizing the needs of the organization is our top priority.

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